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image of crowded desk during library carpentry
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The genesis of this site and catalyst behind my own interest in coding and software carpentry was James Baker’s Library Carpentry sessions. I was very pleased to notice that he has recently uploaded a very interesting video giving a provisional summary of Library Carpentry and its outcomes (11 minutes). In the video James states that for him the Library Carpentry sessions have confirmed a ‘demand, appetite and will amongst library and information professionals to acquire software skills’. The three provisional findings were that library and information professionals:

  1. both value the acquisition of software skills but report low compentency
  2. report undertaking activities that could be improved through the acquisition of software skills
  3. face challenges to acquiring software skills and in embedding them in their workplace

So stop what your doing, stick you headphones on and have a listen. Look,  it counts as work, honest (see James’ point on obstacles!).

The short video covers:

  • Introduces the concept of Library Carpentry (Intro)
  • How and why library carpentry came about (1:17 mins in)
  • The three aims of Library Carpentry (3:00 mins)
  • How it was delivered and content (4:00 mins)
  • How feedback was gathered and what it was (6:13 mins)
  • What skills participants indicated they might need to pass onto collegues and the likely  barriers (8:06 mins)
  • The three provisional findings (9:13 mins)
  • What next? (9:51 mins)

(also pretty sure I spot ‘Automate the Boring Stuff with Python’ on those shelves)


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