link Protolib report – a project worth checking out

This link is not strictly coding related, but it is something that I think is worth sharing. Both in its outcomes and the methodology it has been a breath of fresh air. I’ve been lucky enough to help out on a couple of the ethnographical observations and I can say it is an approach that has a lot of merits and it’s great to see these design, prototyping and observational approaches in action. I heartily recommend you check out their report:

Protolib Report – pdf


Since November last year the Futurelib programme has been engaged in intensive exploration of how spaces in the University of Cambridge’s libraries are being used. Entitled ‘Protolib’ – literally prototyping libraries – the project has involved the creation and ethnographic observation of different types of library environments over a period of several months, and the […]

via Protolib – the final report — FutureLib


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